Tuesday, May 28            9:30 am              Mack Cochrane                                         Open Triples

Thursday, June 13          9:30 am              Chartwell Rosedale Wedgewood            Open Triples

Thursday, July 18           9:30 am              Knapp                                                          Open Triples

Thursday, Aug 22           9:30 am             1000 Islands Toyota                                    Mixed Triples



Anyone wanting to register a team in the above tournaments, contact our Tournament Secretary:

Odette van Vlaardingen at ovanvlaardingen@1000island.net









Monday, May 20, 2019                Victoria Day

Monday, September 2, 2019      Labour Day







Thursday, June 20                       Drew              

Thursday, July 4                           Cooke 

Thursday, July 25                         Auld

Thursday, August 1                      Cox

Thursday, August 8                     Richardson

Monday, August 26                     President's (Ladies)                







Tuesday, June 4       We will be hosting the OSGA 55+  District 9  Mixed Doubles (rain date: Friday, June 7)

Tuesday, June 11      We will be hosting the OSGA 55+  District 9  Mixed Triples (rain date: Friday, June 21)


If you are interested in playing in the 2018 OSGA Summer Games please contact the lawn bowling convenor: Sam Campbell  diarmid.argyll@gmail.com  (613) 802-9552.   REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Tuesday, May 1 






2019 Chartwell Rosedale Wedgewood Retirement Tournament: Ralph McKenny, Chartwell Rosedale, presents the trophy to the winners from Iroquois: Connie Keeler, Penny Davidson (absent) and Cecil McDermott (Skip) with Drawmaster, Phillipe Masuy (background) and Kathy Digiosia, Chartwell Wedgewood (right). Teams from Brockville, Galetta, Highland Park (Ottawa), Iroquois, Nepean, and Prescott participated.   

2019 Drew winners: Arnold Mueller, June Myers, Mike Smith. Susan Irwin, President, presenting trophy.

2019 Canada Day 152nd - Inge Campbell, Bill Latham

 2019 Cooke Trophy winners: George Landon, Bill Latham

2019 Knapp Trophy winners from Galetta: Tom Barrett, Jocelyne Laplante, Bob Laplante

Teams from Brockville, Galetta, Highland Park, Iroquois and Prescott participated.

2019 Auld Trophy winners:  Marilyn Crawford, Arnold Mueller

2019 Cox Trophy winners: Mike Smith, Inge Campbell

2019 Richardson Trophy winners: Mike Smith, George Landon

2019 1000 Islands Toyota Tournament winners are Ted Tozer, Tessa MacKechnie, Bill Aitken from the Highland Park Lawn Bowling Club. Teams from Brockville, Campbellford, Elmdale, Galetta, Highland Park (Ottawa), Iroquois, Kingston, Nepean and Prescott participated.

2019 President's Trophy winners are Norma Smith, President Susan Irwin presenting the trophy, Bonnie Kearney. 

2019 Labour Day Trophy winners are Jannie Grendel, Ray Wanstall, Linda Clarke

2019 Recorder & Times winners from the Iroquois Lawn Bowling Club: (L-R)  John Schofield (Skip), Ken Hunt.